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Wisescape Guidebook

Wisescape Guidebook

With the historic decline of the Palouse Basin’s Grande Ronde aquifer, local municipalities, universities, and other water-pumping entities in the area have collaborated to reduce the demand on the local water supply. In 1967, the group now known as the Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee (PBAC) formed with the mission “to ensure a long-term, quality water supply for the Palouse Basin region.” In 1992, PBAC generated a groundwater management plan which established voluntary pumping goals. Each member has implemented various water conservation programs. The City of Pullman promotes and implements water efficient landscaping practices and has an active Water Conservation Plan. The City of Moscow has an active conservation program, recently expanded by a Water Conservation Plan adopted in 2016. Both programs showcase many examples of water efficient landscaping known as Xeriscaping. The City of Moscow Xeriscape program has been refined for the Palouse region and given the name of Wisescape. With a shared water resource and common conservation goals, the communities of Moscow and Pullman have taken the next step in enhanced water conservation efforts through the formation of a partnership to promote water efficient landscaping on the Palouse. This partnership will develop the use of the Wisescape Program in both communities.

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